Fitness Classes

Sign-up to join a local fitness class run by The Nag. A range of classes from fitness yoga, to the intensive boot camp style Nag Camp! There is a class for everyone based in Stone. Book online and benefit from special pricing – the more classes you join the more you save.

Bookings are open for all available sessions during the next month. Book all your sessions up to 4 weeks ahead and save. 

Payment Options For Exercise Classes in Stone

Multi-Class Booking Offer

Individual class bookings are £6 each. Save £££’s by booking all your classes for the next month in advance. Please be aware that multi-booking offers are for 1 person only and classes cannot be shared with others. 

Unlimited Class Membership

For just £42 per month attend as many classes as you’d like, paid by recurring monthly direct debit.

All class participants must complete an online health questionnaire before attending the first session. This questionnaire will sent via email, or click the link below to complete the form. 

All multi-booking discounts are for one person only. If you’d like to book to bring a friend or relative please make a separate booking. Any booking with multiple slots for the same person, where a discount has been activated, will be cancelled and refunded minus a cancellation fee. If you have mistakenly booked the same slot twice, please contact us and we will happily move you onto an alternating class and/or date. 

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