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It sucks for women that one meal out equals your whole daily calorie goal!

For weight loss and weight maintenance this can be a girl’s nightmare.

I coach and teach women how to still enjoy meals and drinks out while losing weight for GOOD!

As life is too short to diet for 30 plus years…

Natalie The Nag PT


Carol1 to 1 In Person Client
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‘’I’ve been training with Nat for nearly 5 years, having one to one coaching and attending her yoga class. Nat met with me initially to establish my priorities and gave me some simple first steps (I’ve still got them on my phone)! She reviews my programme regularly, switching it up so I maintain my progress. Nearly five years later, I’ve lost weight & kept it off, changed body shape, dropped TWO dress sizes & am stronger than I’ve ever been. I would describe her style as empowering! I’M not from a fitness background AT ALL but Nat relates to her clients & it works.’
AnonOnline Group Coaching Client
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‘’Thank you for everything in the last few years. I'm going into my wedding and honeymoon feeling the most confident I ever have in my body and having the fitness and the health to be able to make the most of all the opportunities and events without attaching a guilt to enjoying food and drink or missing a few workouts’’
Anon1-2-1 & Class Client
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I trained with Nat through my entire pregnancy, right through to 37 weeks! Nat was amazing in adapting everything both in our 1:1 sessions, plans and Kickboxercise class. I was able to move throughout, manage back and pelvic pain and eat well (despite sickness). Now that I’ve had my baby, I can definitely feel the benefits of training through pregnancy (and before) and I am really looking forward to getting a postpartum plan in place with Nat soon.

Train With The Nag

1:1 Coaching

If your goal is fat loss and you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, then online coaching is the best option for you, as I offer a more holistic approach and focus more on your nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

Live in Stone Staffordshire?

If you’d love to have coaching in person, this is ideal if you want coaching how to lift weights safely and make progress with strength and physique gains.

Group Online Coaching

Project Progress and FS24

3 amazing and experienced female coaches aiming to move you away from yo-yo dieting and teach you how to still enjoy your life while losing weight for good!

Our Online Group Coaching is ideal for:

Feedback from Emma – joined both programmes

That I can eat good food and still lose weight without feeling starving!

Lost 1/2 stone.

Next intake will be September 2024!

Follow our socials to keep up to dates for when the doors open.

Results From Recent Clients

What you could achieve having support from an experienced female coach

Nat rocking climbing

About The Nag Personal Training

Ay Up naglets, I’m Natalie!

If you didn’t get the ‘Ay Up’ bit, it is because I am born and bred from Stoke-on-Trent.

Growing up with close family members who struggle with yo-yo dieting (from sometimes over 20 stone down to 11 stone and back up to 20 stone), I can understand it takes much more than just a calorie deficit to lose weight and to keep it off!

I have helped 100s of women for over 10 years to lose weight for good without sacrificing their weekends, holidays and social life.

My aim is to also help them to ADD more to their lives:

I won’t stick you on 1200 calorie diets or make you go tee-total!

You’ve put your life on hold long enough because of dieting and over-restriction.

I know how to help you achieve weight loss results and this time keep it off!

If you’re ready to give yo-yo dieting the boot and embrace a more energised, fun and healthier lifestyle, then this little nag can help you!


Fitness Classes in Stone

You don’t have to be ‘fit’ to qualify for my fitness classes!

You come to my classes to become fitter and healthier.

The aim with my classes is to help build a friendly, fitness community of naglets, where all feel welcomed and encouraged to become a fitter, stronger and healthier.

Bookings are open for all available sessions during the next month. Book all your sessions up to 4 weeks ahead and save. 

Newbie Gym Guide

Are you new to exercise? Not sure where to start? Daunted by the machines at the gym? Heard conflicting advice about weight training? Then this Newbie Gym Guide is for you. Packed with information about weight training and it’s benefits, and step-by-step instructions for using all machines at the gym, with training program included to help you get started. Buy now for a one off price and get gym confident. 

Calorie Calculator

Not sure how much you should be eating? Want to take more control over your diet? Learn about the balance of macros you should be having each day to optimise your goals. Use my quick and simple calorie calculator as a starting point. 

Want to understand more about the results you got from the calorie counter? Or ready to take the next step in your fitness journey. Then contact Nat to discuss the personal training option that would be most suitable for you.  If you’re not quite ready to start your personal training journey why not sign-up to Nat’s Nuggets to get handy hints and tips delivered straight to your inbox. 

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Sign-up to receive FREE health and fitness information, nutrition and training tips and more delivered straight to your inbox. 

Kate Smith Personal Trainer


I am a newly qualified personal trainer based in Stone, Staffordshire.  I live with my partner, our two teenage children and our whirlwind & crazy cockerpoo, Bailey. 
In the past I worked as a solicitor, but when we relocated here and I joined the gym, I met Nat, and that’s where it all started.  She coached me and introduced me to weight lifting.  She helped me fall in love with fitness. 
I have a passion for supporting people with their fitness, including weight lifting and to live fitter and happier lives. It’s never too late to start getting into fitness, I’m an example of just that!

Contact Kate

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