The Nag Personal Trainer

I deadlift more than my body weight, I squat my body weight, I can pull my body weight and do 30 plus push ups on my toes. I eat my protein, I love martial arts.

But I also like to listen to cheesy pop, I’m the romantic one out of me and my partner and my hobby is baking.

I’m me. I’m Natalie who is a personal trainer, loves lifting heavy stuff, baking cakes and feeding people and enjoys dressing smartly when going out.

Be who you want to be. We only get one shot, so do what you love, even if it scares you.

Need help with your health and fitness goals?

The Nag Personal Trainer

I deadlift more than my body weight, I squat my body weight, I can pull my body weight and do 30 plus push ups on my toes. I eat my protein, I love martial arts.

But I also like to listen to cheesey pop, I’m the romantic one out of me and my partner and my hobby is baking.

I’m me. I’m Natalie who is a personal trainer, loves lifting heavy stuff, baking cakes and feeding people and enjoys dressing up smart when going out.

Be who you want to be. We only get one shot, so do what you love, even if it scares you.

Need help with your health and fitness goals?

Nag PT - Natalie Gibson


Need accountability, guidance and/or coaching towards getting results?

My services I provide to help are:

1 to 1 Personal Training

Personal training sessions with a bespoke plan tailored to your individual health/fitness goals. 1 to 1 sessions are ideal if you need more input when exercising, to ensure you have proper form when weight lifting, and for that extra motivation to work hard.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Training in small groups. Retaining the individualised plan and feedback while incorporating group support and atmosphere. Semi-private PT is perfect for anyone who needs more input than online personal training, but doesn't like the idea of 1 to 1. 

Online Personal Training

Prefer to workout in your own time? Your schedule too busy to fit in a regular session? Then online PT is the option for you. Individually designed plans to fit in with your goals, likes and schedule. Regular catch-up sessions to discuss progress, re-evaluate and change the plan. 

Group Fitness

Tuesday 6.30pm Kick-Boxercise - Frank Jordan Centre, Stone - £6.20 per session
Wednesday 6pm Circuit & Stretch - Frank Jordan Centre, Sone - £6.20 per session
Thursday 10am Freestyle Fitness Yoga - at the Frank Jordan Centre in Stone - £6.20 per session (6 week courses for £30)
Saturday 9am Weekend Warrior - Frank Jordan Community Centre £6.20 per session

All sessions must be pre-booked.

Nutrition Consultancy

Guidance to help you eat for improved health and fitness. My aim is to help you achieve balanced nutrition that fits in with your life.  You can still enjoy the foods you love while optimising your diet to achieve your fitness goals. 

Not sure what would be best for you?

You can book in for a 30 minute FREE consultation through a Zoom call!

Forever Strong presents…
The Sleigh It Challenge!

Yes it is back and it is our favourite 6 week health & fitness challenge that we love to run.

Life is too short to keep dieting, missing out on events and to feel out of breath going up the bloody stairs!

We understand people have lives they want to live and end up excluding themselves from making memories or enjoying a single mince pie just to lose weight.

This is why we brought back the Sleigh It Challenge, our 6 week online health & fitness challenge. We want to help coach you how to make balanced choices when it comes to nutrition, movement and exercise.

What is the Sleigh it Challenge?

It is a 6 week online challenge where you choose your health & fitness goals, whether it is fat loss, working on healthy habits and/or work on a fitness goal.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs a kick up the bottom to take action towards Christmas.

What does it involve doing?

To keep you accountable to your goals and help you achieve results it includes:

  • A weekly check-in
  • Weekly live and recorded Q&A
  • Access to our fitness community group Forever Strong (Facebook)
  • Weekly workout and stretch routine
  • A focus and challenge of the week
  • 3 (not 1) 3 highly qualified and experienced female personal trainers
  • A chance to win a shopping voucher and a free month in our monthly membership (Forever Strong)

When does it start?

Starts 31st October and finishes 11th December 2022

How much is it?

That’s £8.33 per week! Less than a bottle of decent prosecco!

How do I sign up?

Sign-up now open, but will close 28th October 2022 12pm. So click the button and join the Sleigh it Challenge before it’s too late. 


Project Progress

Fitness Challenge

Four or six week challenges ran throughout the year to help you lose weight and feel great. 

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting to feel more body confident, increase energy levels, feel stronger and fitter… FOR LIFE!


What does it involve doing?

Project Progress will involve you being educated how to implement action, be challenged for 4-6 weeks and have accountability and guidance from 2 awesome female personal trainers.

What does it include?

Support and accountability to reach your goals. A focus on nutrition and movement for fat loss and increased fitness. 

When and how do I sign up?

Sign-up will open again soon. Join now to receive Nat’s Nuggets to be the first to hear when sign-up reopens. 


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I made the decision in 2019 to significantly change my lifestyle and focus on improving my health. Nat was recommended to me by my husband and she has been there with me from the beginning of my fitness journey. She began with the simple question,” what do you want to achieve?” With small steps and a clear plan, I made progress- developing consistent sleep habits and hydration, developing a diet of nutrient rich food with enough protein within it, resistance training and walking.
I have lost body fat, feel healthy and confident. I couldn’t imagine a lifestyle now without walking, yoga, and yes, resistance training! The last time I exercised was when I was 25- more than 30 years ago. I honestly believe that I could not have done it without Nat’s knowledge, expertise, and empathy. She’s a genius! She is so invested in her client’s progress and constantly researches to find new better ways of enhancing our progress.
It’s patently clear that the fitness industry has focused on men previously , it’s catching up on women’s health and Nat is at the forefront of that development. But, whether you are a male regularly lifting 155kg, like my husband, or a novice woman like me, Nat has the expertise to support your progress.
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5 stars. Fun, knowledgeable and so supportive. I looked forward to every session as I knew it was going to be a laugh whilst learning and getting healthier. I have learned so much so far from Natalie and was able to do things that I never thought possible in such a short space of time. Absolutely brilliant and thank you for everything so far!
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During lockdown I discovered Nat via my friend Kate. I don’t live anywhere near her, but through Zoom I have thoroughly enjoyed her weekly yoga classes. Just recently I have actually trained with Nat and Kate and now have a set programme to work through. Nat is inspiring and makes you believe you can achieve your goals! Her advice on nutrition has also been invaluable. Throughly recommend her, and wish I lived closer!
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Finding Natalie as my personal trainer has been the absolute best thing that happened to me in 2020. Nat has always been supportive of my goals and motivating, she introduced me to weight lifting, which I have now fallen in love with. I’m now at my target weight, with goals to lift heavier and build muscle. I firmly feel that I have escaped the circle of yoyo dieting and found a way to exercise that is enjoyable and motivating. I hope to continue to work with Nat to improve my technique and get stronger. I also take part in the weekly kickboxing class, that has also been fantastic. Nat is a brilliant teacher, so supportive and knowledgable. She genuinely cares and wants to help her clients find a lifestyle that suits them, there is no food deprivation, or exercise exhaustion here.
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I started training with Nat 6 months ago, and have made so much more progress in that time than I did in a year at the gym! I literally went from not being able to do a single push up or a single steady lunge, to 3 sets of 10 in both! I’m making regular progress, and I love that Nat pushes me and makes me realise I can do it. Creative, fun, and totally supportive, I doubt I’ll be going back to the gym, but I’ll 100% be continuing to train with Nat!

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Each week we have a focus point topic involving:

Natalie Gibson Personal Trainer

About The Nag Personal Training

Hello, the nag is me, Natalie!

I am a personal trainer based in Stone, Staffordshire with over 8 years’ experience under my belt working on the gym floor and training clients online.

I have helped clients with fat loss goals, strength training, muscle building and even getting ready for a fitness test in the public services.

Most clients I have and still work with are females aiming to find a sustainable way to keep healthy, strong and find a way to enjoy the process.

Not only have a I helped clients achieve their goals, I have helped them to find a way that they can continue for a lifetime!

No matter the starting point, I am here to help and educate as many people as possible to find and create their ‘fit life.’

Kate Smith Personal Trainer


I am a newly qualified personal trainer based in Stone, Staffordshire.  I live with my partner, our two teenage children and our whirlwind & crazy cockerpoo, Bailey. 
In the past I worked as a solicitor, but when we relocated here and I joined the gym, I met Nat, and that’s where it all started.  She coached me and introduced me to weight lifting.  She helped me fall in love with fitness. 
I have a passion for supporting people with their fitness, including weight lifting and to live fitter and happier lives. It’s never too late to start getting into fitness, I’m an example of just that!

Contact Kate

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Newbie Gym Guide

Are you new to exercise? Not sure where to start? Daunted by the machines at the gym? Heard conflicting advice about weight training? Then this Newbie Gym Guide is for you. Packed with information about weight training and it’s benefits, and step-by-step instructions for using all machines at the gym, with training program included to help you get started. Buy now for a one off price and get gym confident. 

Calorie Calculator

Not sure how much you should be eating? Want to take more control over your diet? Learn about the balance of macros you should be having each day to optimise your goals. Use my quick and simple calorie calculator as a starting point. 

Want to understand more about the results you got from the calorie counter? Or ready to take the next step in your fitness journey. Then contact Nat to discuss the personal training option that would be most suitable for you.  If you’re not quite ready to start your personal training journey why not sign-up to Nat’s Nuggets to get handy hints and tips delivered straight to your inbox. 

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